About us

Numbers and Letters is a simplistic bold design that celebrates the statement our little ones make in life.

Numbers and Letters. The Essential Kids Tee.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Australia
  • Available in Black with White print & White with Black print
  • Screen printed


  • Sizes available 0 to 5
  • Letters Q U V W X Y Z are via special order only.


Sizes available one size. Essentially the child wears the Number that depicts their age.

  • Size 0 is 9 months to 1.
  • Size 1 is equivalent to a size 1-2.
  • Size 2 is a 2-3
  • Size 3 is a 3-4
  • Size 4 is a 4-5
  • Size 5 is a 5-6 

Care instructions

Machine wash cold. Line dry. Do not dry clean or iron.

Tumble dry can shrink.

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